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Video: Vitor Ribeiro defeats Kenny Florian at Abu Dhabi World Championships

Kenny Florian retired from professional fighting over five years ago. The TUF Season 1 competitor can be seen regularly doing commentary work for FOX Sports, but this last weekend, Florian was competing in the Abu Dhabi World Championships.

A long-time Jiu-Jitsu black belt, the 40-year-old Florian went up against fellow former MMA fighter Vitor Ribeiro. About the match, Bloody Elbow writes:

“Except for Shaolin’s butterfly sweep during the early seconds that earned him two points, the entire match was a close one. Florian fully utilized the De La Riva guard, and was able to stifle Ribeiro’s movement and passing attempts.

The tides shortly began to change during the 4:37 mark of the match, when a brief scramble between the two competitors ensued. As Florian attempted a single leg takedown, Ribeiro had an underhook on the right leg, while sneaking in a clock choke attempt using his left hand.”

Watch how it all plays out in the full video below.

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