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Can The USA Become #1 in the World in Jiu-Jitsu?

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In a recent article, Gianni Grippo who writes for our friends at FloGrappling asked how the U.S.A. could become #1 in the world in Jiu-Jitsu.

On this year’s Abu Dhabi World Pro Grippo writes:

“This past edition of the World Pro had an even greater emphasis on country representation as both the U.S.A and Brazil formed their own national teams, distributing uniforms for all competitors to wear (barring other sponsorship obligations.) The emphasis was also seen with the addition of the qualifier brackets, a new addition to the tournament making it so that there would be no more than two competitors from a country in any bracket in the brown and black belt categories.

With this new system in place, there were some competitors from the U.S. and the U.K. that had to battle it out, but the Brazilians definitely had a tougher time. Some of the qualifying brackets looked just like Worlds or Pans they were that deep!

Even with the early elimination of many high-level Brazilian brown and black belts, it didn’t stop them from taking the majority of the gold medals as they won five of the seven male black belt and male brown belt divisions, and swept all five of the women’s brown/black belt titles. “

Grippo goes on to write about the things that he thinks the U.S. can do to take Brazil’s place as the #1 Jiu Jitsu country in the world. Here’s how he thinks it can be accomplished:

  1. Sponsorship opportunities for everyone, not just brown and black belts. Grippo writes; “If there are more opportunities for the younger kids in the teens and juvenile divisions to focus on jiu-jitsu then they can someday be the one’s to dominate at the black belt level.”
  2. Teams need to focus more on competition style training. Building a culture of competition at an academy, school or Jiu Jitsu club will create an environment in which competing in a tournament is a goal form most students, not just a small percentage.
  3. Put Jiu Jitsu in schools! It’s hard to disagree with this one. Wrestling has been a staple at many schools for decades. Jiu Jitsu shares some of the same principles. Not to mention that it would make the sport of Jiu-Jitsu available to many children who many never have had an opportunity to train BJJ otherwise.

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