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The Presidential Debate Survival Guide

Let’s be honest, the Presidential debates can bring MANY emotions. We have all felt some fear, some anger, and even some occasional excitement. Either way, we know that this most recent presidential debate is going to leave us all a little more worse for wear. 😉

Let’s get started with 5 Ways that will DEFINITELY help you prepare for this debate.  

1. Practice Deep Breathing and Meditation

I know, I know, you do not want to meditate, but trust me you will feel better when you do. Try it with me, take a deep breath into your nose and let it out through your mouth.

Remember, do it on a count of three. Holding your breath for longer than a minute might have an opposite effect. 😉

2. Drink Water with Honey and Lemon

Come on, who doesn’t love some honey and lemon? Make sure that you allow your water to get a nice warm temperature, even get it nice and hot if you like. Then mix in some lovely amounts of honey and lemon. This combination is a SURE fire way to keep your irritation level to a minimum.

If you want to get fancy, grab some of your favorite tea and add in a small amount of honey or lemon. If you do this, you are definitely going to stay calm no matter what is happening on your television.

3. Move ALL of Your Money into GOLD

Unless you are Jed and the Clampetts, make sure that you move your money from the bank into gold.

Enough said.

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4. Fasten Your TV So That It Can’t Be Thrown

Repeat after me: It’s BAD to throw your tv. That sounds pretty rough, huh? Well it’s the truth. Make sure that you tie down your TV with velcro, or one of those bungee cords. You can even use a good strong rope, just make sure that you google the right type of knot so that your TV doesn’t go flying midway through the debate.

Remember, no matter what state you are in, it is ALWAYS bad to throw your TV through the air.

5. No Matter the Outcome, Get Some Good Training in at Aces…soon!

14368786_1297148350319551_8370791401039194384_nThink about it, what better way to relax than to get your sweat on? As always, Aces Jiu Jitsu Club is opened seven days a week AND we are more than willing to help out with your stress level.

Don’t you feel better after a workout? It’s been scientifically proven to improve the quality of life after a rough event. Here at Aces, we are meant to empower you to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

Let us help you the best way we know how. That’s why we are open seven days per week.

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So come out and get your roll on!

I hope you enjoyed these AWESOME tips to stay calm during this difficult time.

Drop a comment and let us know what you think!