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Blocking a Haymaker Punch – Extended Outtakes from The Modern Rogue

I few months ago the awesome guys from The Modern Rogue stopped by for a tutorial from Professor Mikal on how to defend the haymaker punch. The video turned out awesome, but when you are shooting so much footage, there are bound to be some mixups and out-takes. You can see the out-takes in all their glory […]

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[VIDEO] Choking an Attacker with Their Own Jacket

Our AWESOME friends from The Modern Rogue stopped by again for some good times and awesome techniques. This week, they wanted to know how to choke someone out using their own collar. Professor Mikal was more than happy to show them how to do this, Aces style! See the full video below: Choking an Attacker with […]

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu vs. The Haymaker Punch

For those that do not know what a haymaker is, it is a punch often utilized by someone with no fight experience. You put all of your weight into the punch and in the process lose all of your balance. What the haymaker lacks in technical efficiency, it makes up for in destructive power.  Luckily, […]