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Why Women In Austin, TX Should Train BJJ

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu isn’t just for the boys. In fact, there are tons of reasons why women in Austin, TX should train BJJ. Take a look at all of the reasons BJJ is great for women…

1.BJJ is a great way to learn Self-Defense

aThe Women in Austin -and everywhere really-DESERVE the ability to control their own space! And BJJ isn’t one of those martial arts with no real-life application. It’s just the opposite- BJJ was developed with street fighting in mind. The techniques are perfect for self-defense. Submission like joint-locks and chokes stop an attacker, and can even do some serious damage.

You can use BJJ to defend yourself against an attacker of any size, because the techniques allow you to use physics to your advantage. Instead of relying on strength to defend yourself, BJJ lets you use technique.

Rolling allows you to practice BJJ is a realistic way. It gives you a chance to try out what you learn on a real person, with real resistance. It might look intimidating at first, but rolling is a blast. You and the other students can learn from each other and improve, all the while learning what it might feel like to be caught in a dangerous situation (without bad consequences).

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2.You can get strength without looking like a body-builder.

bDon’t feel like curling dumbbells next to the grunting body-builder in that Austin, TX gym? You don’t need to if you train BJJ. You develop strength while you train, without getting all the bulk that often comes with weight training. Losing your feminine physique isn’t a trade-off for gaining strength in BJJ; you can have both. And if attaining body builder status is your goal, that’s great too. BJJ can help you get there.

If you’re looking to develop core strength, BJJ is the way to go. The core is the center of force for most BJJ techniques, so you use it a lot during training. As a result, you get a very strong set of abdominal muscles. Having washboard abs isn’t the only benefit of a strong core- you’ll also have a healthier back, better posture, and improved balance.

While you train, you build other muscles too. You use everything from your head to your toes, and even a 5 minute rolling session is exhausting. BJJ is a total body workout that leaves you feeling and looking good.

3.Training BJJ gives you more motivation to workout


Jogging on a treadmill, doing crunches on a mat, and lifting weights all get monotonous. In fact, there were days I would dread going to a regular gym and going through my regular workout. BJJ is different. You’re learning something while you train, so there’s always a new technique to look forward to.

With a good instructor and enthusiastic classmates, BJJ classes give you the motivation you need to show up. Even when your muscles are sore (trust me, they will be) and you don’t feel like moving, a good support group at the gym can keep you going.

Who knows, you may even end up competing. If that’s the case, you always have the motivation to train hard.

4.Your gym becomes your family away from home


BJJ is like a special club for the cool kids. Once you start going to a BJJ gym, you’re inducted into the club. Students in the gym become close friends. As sappy as it sounds, people who do BJJ have each other’s backs.

Whether you’re a working mom, a stay-at- home-mom, or a does-it- all mom, going to BJJ is your chance to socialize and be part of something special. Even if you’ve never set foot in a BJJ gym before, you’ll be accepted with open arms and someone will show you the ropes.



5.It combines a physical activity with a mental one.

Because the mind is such an important part of BJJ, competitors can’t rely on only size or strength. BJJ levels the playing field. A 100 pound woman can take on a 200 pound man, and win with good technique and strategy.





Should Women in Austin Train BJJ?

Training for BJJ may be the most rewarding thing you ever do. Sure, it’s intimidating at first. The idea of rolling around on the ground with a bunch of sweaty strangers always seemed strange to me. But then, I tried it and fell in love. Each training session, you discover a new reason to love it. Try it for yourself and find out what you’re missing.

Come try out a BJJ class for FREE! Women in Austin: Come learn practical self-defense skills for FREE by signing up for one of our BJJ classes here!