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Women’s Self Defense and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a Perfect Match

Women’s Self Defense programs are a dime a dozen. All to often, we see YouTube videos and people in the community teaching their brand of Self Defense, unfortunately for the women attending these classes, many of the techniques taught are entirely ineffective in a real world scenario. Many of these women’s self defense classes focus […]

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Not All Self-Defense Classes Are Created Equal

The title of this article is a nice way of highlighting how most self-defense classes fall horribly short. Another way of putting it is that these so called “self defense” classes can get people hurt or worse! The problem is that when someone teaches techniques that flat out do not work anywhere except a controlled […]

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Self Defense Misinformation Can Get People Hurt

There’s a video circulating the internet right now that you may have seen. In it, a woman from RippedFitness is showing self defense techniques on how to escape an attacker and defend yourself. This video was published by Marie Claire with the purpose of providing women with self defense tips. It has racked up almost […]