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Self Defense Misinformation Can Get People Hurt

There’s a video circulating the internet right now that you may have seen. In it, a woman from RippedFitness is showing self defense techniques on how to escape an attacker and defend yourself. This video was published by Marie Claire with the purpose of providing women with self defense tips. It has racked up almost a million views. If you have not seen the video, you can watch it here:

Now, let me say that the intention here is good. I am all for empowering women with the proper tools to defend themselves. However, learning improper techniques to stay safe can give a false sense of security and can quite literally get someone hurt.

This video is being passed around and roasted by the Jiu Jitsu community and let me tell you, jokes are being cracked left and right. On the surface, it’s easy to laugh at the techniques (I use that term loosely) being taught in Marie Claire’s video. However, teaching and spreading ineffective self defense tips in a video titled “5 Self Defense Tips Every Woman Should Know” is actually incredibly dangerous and no laughing matter.

The most worrisome thing is that a woman would not know how ineffective these techniques are until they were in a situation in which they had to use them. By then, it would be too late. Videos like the one created by Marie Claire, with its nice production and impressive backdrop, do much more harm than good.

The truth is, you are not very likely to acquire any real self defense ability through watching a few videos online, no matter how well they are done. The best thing anyone can do is to get down to their local Jiu Jitsu academy, sign up, and start learning the most effective martial art in the world. Jiu Jitsu and its principles apply to real world self-defense scenarios.

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