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World Jiu Jitsu Award Winners and the Money They Were Awarded

Being one of the top athletes in Jiu Jitsu can pay pretty well. From sponsorships to tournament earnings to cash payouts for earning a World Jiu Jitsu Award … it’s good to be on top.

The World Jiu Jitsu Awards ceremony at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi took place last month. Here is a breakdown of all the World Jiu Jitsu Award winners and the money their earned. (Source:

Best Male Adult Black Belt of 2017-2018, Global Ranking:

  1. Igor Silva (BRA), 2,280 points ($25,000)
  2. Adam Wardzinski (POL), 1,940 points ($10,000)
  3. Jose Carlos Lima (BRA), 1,660 points ($5,000)

In addition to the payouts for the global ranking, there were additional continental awards of $5,000 for the top-ranked athletes from each region. Silva and Wardzinski picked up extra bonuses as top-ranked athletes in their regions.

Africa: Adolfo Correia, 380 points

Asia: Joao Carlos Kuraoka, 840 points

Europe: Adam Wardzinski, 1,940 points (No. 2 in the world)

North/Central America: Matthew Leighton, 680 points

Oceania: Lachlan Giles, 540 points

South America: Igor Silva, 2,280 points

Best Female Adult Brown-Black Belt of 2017-2018

  1. Larissa Paes, 1,920 points ($10,000)
  2. Mayssa Bastos, 1,340 points ($5,000)
  3. Thamara Silva, 1,300 points ($3,000)

Best Master Black Belt of 2017-2018

  1. Mauricio Antunes (BRA), 1,880 points ($10,000)
  2. Thiago Marques (BRA), 1,740 points ($5,000)
  3. Claudio Cardoso (BRA), 1,520 points ($3,000)

Finally, the teams were recognized with cash prizes of their own.

Best International Academy

  1. GF Team, 66,543 points ($10,000)
  2. Checkmat, 54,894 points ($5,000)
  3. Alliance, 46,871 points ($2,000)