BJJ Competition Feel Good

White Belt Taps Black Belt in BJJ Tournament

At Aces Jiu Jitsu Club we welcome all types of people. We train with all types of people. Our community is made up of all types of people and we wouldn’t have it any other way. At some BJJ schools all you get is ego. You walk through the door and immediately see a group of “cool kids” huddled together while the rest of the members dot the edges of the mat waiting for class to start. We choose leave all that ego to some of the other clubs out there. Here, we are all friends and everyone is part of the team.

Speaking of ego, check out the video below. Here we have a white belt without anyone to compete against due to her weight class. She was desperately looking for someone, anyone to fight.  Out of nowhere steps a black belt who decides to check his ego at the door and give the white belt competitor someone to compete against. They roll for a few minutes before she “catches him” in an arm bar for the finish.