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Up Your Style with The Top 7 Gi Companies

Up Your Style with The Top 7 Gi Companies

There’s something about a unique and stylish gi that elevates your BJJ just a little. It gives you the feeling that you’re special…you’re you. So the next time you buy a gi, go for something that will up your style a little. Check out one of these companies for a gi that really stands out.

Here at Aces, we want to EMPOWER you to feel comfortable enough to stretch yourself beyond your limits and feel good while doing it.

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If you are NOT yet an Aces and want to rock some of these signature styles – they are pretty cool too. Aces Gi Co

1. Aces Gi Co

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2. Shoyoroll

Even if you’ve just started your Jiu-Jitsu journey, the chances of you hearing that name are fairly high. They’re one of the most sought after gis but at the same time they draw a copious amount of criticism. Consumers hunger for these gis like an addict craves their next high. The gis will sell out in less than 20 minutes for many of their releases and then immediately will be listed on eBay for double, triple, or even more than their respective original selling price. They’re one of the only gis on the market that holds their value new or used. Their most sought after gi, the Grey Skies, once sold for $1,500 on eBay (for a used model).

Submission Fight Co. 
A Texas-based company that’s been around since 2010, Submission Fight Co. creates stylish gis with a focus on function. They’ve been experimenting with materials, trying to find the most comfortable and functional materials. Take, for example, the Submission Bamboo Frenzy Gi. It’s made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon (from bamboo trees).

One of the best things about Submission Fight Co. is that these gis look good and feel cool. They don’t feature crazy designs or pinstripes, but they do add little touches, like the orange from their logo, that make it stand out above normal gis.


2. Inverted Gear  

If you’re looking to up your style, you need something that stands out and Inverted Gear definitely
has BJJ gis that allow you to do just that. While most gis have some sort of fierce animal or boring label, these gis have an inverted panda. Their logo is incredibly unique and definitely is enough to up your style on the mat.

In addition to giving you style points, a gi made by Inverted Gear is pretty solid and strong. It’s made with high-quality construction and gets the job done. So, although most people may not think of an upside-down panda as an intimidating creature, wearing this gi can change the way your rolling partner sees pandas.  

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3. Storm Kimonos 

Storm Kimonos creates some very cool gis that are sure to attract attention. The Storm logo itself is interesting and proudly featured on all of the gis. If you’re looking for a plain gi, Storm is not the option for you. Each of their gis have logos all over the front of every one of their gis, making it much more noticeable than other brands.

For women, Storm Kimonos have even more style. Their women’s gis feature flowers on the legs, hip, and arms. So even though you might be submitting all of the guys in the BJJ gym, you can still look feminine while you do it.



4. Hayabusa 

There’s something about Hayabusa gis that demand attention. They don’t have pandas or flowers. But they do make whoever is wearing it look like they mean business.

One of their newest models, the Shinju 2 Pearl Weave Gi, is one of their most stylish designs yet. It looks like it belongs on a BJJ legend. The Hayabusa logo is featured on the shoulder along with Chinese characters. The whole thing just looks legendary.

As one of the more popular fight sports brands, Hayabusa knows how to make a great gi. Their products are tried and tested, so you can look good in a high quality gi.

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5. Tatami Fightwear 

Tatami Fightwear makes some awesome gis that look very different from your traditional BJJ gi. The inverted collection is just one example of that. The Tatami Inverted Collection Aqua and Black gi is perfect if you’re looking for something bright and bold.

Tatami’s women’s collection also features some very unique gis. They have some intricate embroidery work and cool designs, like the Honey Badger Fightwear BJJ Gi. (seen left)

Having been around since 2009, Tatami Fightwear has been in the game long enough to know how to make an effective yet stylish gi. They also offer decent prices. So while it might not fall into the budget gi category, you can still get a stylish design for a good price.


6. Venum

Sure, Venum makes good MMA gear (JUST KIDDING) . We hate their stuff!  LOL! So lets move on…


7. Kids Gi’s  

Are you looking for a gift for your child or are you a child looking through your parent’s email? Either way, be sure to check out some of Tatami’s Kids Collection for BJJ gis. They have a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. At Aces we believe that you are never too young to learn how to lead an empowered life through BJJ. We also believe that you don’t have to wait to look stylish while you do it.



A cool gi can’t turn you into Helio Gracie. But it can make you feel better about yourself. Try training in a stylish BJJ gi and see if you notice a difference.


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