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Things Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belts Say

The thing about being a white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that everyone starts there. While it may be difficult to imagine someone like Professor Mikal going through the same white belt struggles that the rest of us did, rest assured that it happened!

Along the Jiu Jitsu white belt journey, there are going to be days where you feel like you have it all figured out. The truth is, as a white belt, you have nothing figured out. In fact, you are still trying to figure out what to figure out. 🙂

Yet that doesn’t stop the Jiu Jitsu white belt from watching hours of YouTube and drilling techniques on loved ones. It’s all part of the journey.

This journey includes saying things that purple belt you will look back and laugh at. This video is dedicated to those moments. Enjoy!