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Police Department in Monroe, Michigan…

Police Department in Monroe, Michigan… Use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as Required Officer Training “The goal of this partnership is to provide realistic training, using real-world scenarios, to increase safety to both officers and citizens alike,” Monroe Chief of Police Charles F. McCormick IV said. The Monroe Police Department has announced a partnership with Monroe Jiu […]

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Police Chief Trains Officers in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

LUDLOW, Ky. — Ludlow Police Chief Scott Smith said most law enforcement mistakes can be boiled down to a lack of training. He’s on a mission to change that. Smith opened a gym where he offers free martial arts classes to officers in disciplines like Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He said those are the skills that officers […]

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Corpus Christi Police Cadets get Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training

(Story via Corpus Christi Caller Times) The cadets’ journey Before cadets are accepted into the Corpus Christi Police Academy they are put through intensive testing. Of the nearly 700 applicants, only 21 were selected to the 76th police academy. The Caller-Times will follow the cadets’ training process as they compete with one another to be a certified […]