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Ralek Gracie On Troubles With The Metamoris Promotion: ‘I Created A Monster’

Ralek Gracie founded Metamoris in 2014, and is now trying to resurrect the popular grappling showcase.

“I can just walk away from it,” Ralek Gracie said. “But the reason I won’t…it’s chi, its karma. And so I believe personally there is a certain amount of energy, and whether you call it good or bad, there’s energy, and it’s passion and people who have been wronged and there’s energy and ill toward the brand or towards me personally is meaningful. Ultimately if I had the ability right those wrongs, if I had the ability to step into it and say, ‘Hey, here’s your money, after five years, here’s your money,’ for them to go ‘Oh wow, okay, I’m not necessarily like super excited but I’m no longer holding on to something that I was holding onto in the same way with you.’ And I think that chi and that release and that movement could ultimately be stronger than starting a new brand.”