MMA Fighter Anna Dempster Set to Fight Internet Troll

In case you don’t know who Anna Dempster is she is a MMA fighter who recently decided to take an internet troll named Kristopher Zylinski up on his offer. See, Zylinski doesn’t seem to believe that a female MMA fighter has and chance whatsoever against a man … specifically him.

The folks at McDojoLife (Facebook page) made the match up possible and both parties have agreed to square off.

Anna Dempster is a 7-0 amateur fighter our of Oregon. “I am the youngest of four and learned real quick how to fight/defend myself,” she says. “I was a really fat kid and got teased a lot, and the only defense I knew was to throw blows.”

Anna Dempster says from the moment she stepped in a gym, she knew that this is what she wanted to do. “I love everything it stands for, especially women in the sport,” she says. “Something I find particularly significant is that it was wrong for my grandmother to even watch men’s wrestling, god forbid participate, and here we are in a generation where we as females are on the rise and now I able to express myself in the best way I know how: fighting.”

She’s also not timid about fighting a man. “I train with men constantly and there is no differentiation — we are all fighters when we step on the mat or in the cage, not differentiated by gender. We are fighters, warriors, and killers. That’s it.”

She goes on to say; “I am excited for the opportunity to shut this f***er up and feed him my fists. I am excited for the opportunity to prove him wrong, and maybe even change his view of this sport and women in the sport, and honestly women in general… I feel very confident in my ability to destroy him.”

Anna Dempster vs Kristopher Zylinski is officially scheduled to take happen at January 6 at 7:00 pm EST. Those who aren’t able to attend in can watch the match on the McDojoLife Facebook page  live stream.