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Join Aces BBLT Program and Super Charge Your Game (50% Off Deal)

At Aces Jiu Jitsu Club we pride ourselves on creating programs that not only empower our students to become unstoppable versions of themselves but also achieve their goals at an accelerated rate. That’s why Professor Mikal created the BBLT (Black Belt Leadership Training) program…to supercharge your Jiu Jitsu training and accelerate your growth in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Professor Mikal earned his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 6 years. That may sound like a long time, but when you consider that it takes most people 10-15 years to earn their black belt, it really puts this accomplishment into context. It is from this perspective that Professor Mikal created the BBLT program. The goal is to make every Ace a black belt and to saturate every BBLT student with the tools they need to earn their black belt at an accelerated rate.

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Why BBLT? There are many reasons that a Aces Jiu Jitsu Club student would choose to enroll in the BBLT program. Listed below are just a few of the benefits.

  • Get Better Faster! Longer Classes = More Jiu Jitsu Time Machine!
  • Live Rolls after class. Test yourself and apply the techniques you just learned!
  • More opportunities to learn from our Aces upper belts!
  • More time on the mat to drill those techniques. Drillers make killers!
  • 10% off all in house Pro shop items!
Normally to upgrade from BJJ Core to BBLT it’s $100 down and $100/month…However, for a very limited time you can become part of the BBLT for 50% Off!

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Click here to sign up for the Aces Jiu Jitsu Club BBLT Program!