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Is Your Child a Superhero?

Want to elevate your child’s superhero status? The easiest way to do so is sparking their interest in training martial arts, specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Read on to see why training BJJ helps your kids with their superhero training and helps to develop their character/personal development.

As you sit down with your family to watch a movie, there’s nothing more exciting than a good action movie. These movies transport you into a different world where superheroes do the impossible and beat up the bad guys with awesome moves. Your little ones will spend the rest of the week sneaking around the house, practicing their moves and taking out any toys, siblings, and pets in their way. As a parent you look on enjoying their creativity hoping that one day it will translate into a successful person.  As Robert Greene says, “creativity is the combination of discipline and childlike spirit.” We believe that when discipline meets creativity, superhero are born.

Let’s see how Jiu Jitsu can help your child develop the skills to be superhero in life and on the mats.

  1. Patience

Let’s face it, kids can be really impatient. This can affect them at home and at school. One of the awesome things about BJJ is that it teaches patience. No one walks into their first BJJ class and leaves a black belt. It takes years of dedication, determination, and patience to achieve that level of honor. Doctors have studied kids for a long time. Most studies show that developing patience as a trait does GREAT things for a child’s character. Those that have been able to work towards a goal and commit to something wind up being better off financially, are less likely to suffer from drug abuse, and are less likely to being obese.

Training BJJ plays into patience and the fundamentals of working towards a goal. When it comes time for their belt promotion, both you and their coaches’ support and praise will remind them of how hard they’ve worked and how proud you are of their dedication and patience.

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  1. Decision Making and Instincts

During each class, children learn the basics and work to perfect the moves. Every class is a new challenge because grappling on the mats is never, ever the same. New sparring partners bring a different set of preferred moves. Each training partner has different heights,weights, and experience levels. Those with different levels of experience are a major reason that  your children will have to deal with while sparring. In these instances, kids have to think quickly and make decisions on how to respond to their partner’s movements. They will have to tweak a game plan when met with resistance. Students have the option to showcase their skills in competitions, which works the healthy stress hormones.

  1. Self Defense

We never encourage our students to seek out or initiate violence, but arming them with the skills to defend themselves is a smart move. Part of class training covers the principles of practicing BJJ and the mindset that goes along with a healthy practice. Should a student find themselves in a situation with a bully or while out in public, their training will protect them and likely stop any physical altercation in progress. Instilling this confidence in children builds their character and can help with stress management.

  1. Fitness and Healthy Eating

superhero2The physical nature of martial arts is one of the best forms of exercise out there. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gets your blood pumping and works each muscle group in your body. Kids will work their core to kill fat and build up their endurance. Quads, hamstrings, biceps, and triceps are also worked during class. It’s important to note that no part of a class involves pain, and young students learn how to tap out and when to stop applying pressure to another during sparring. Because of this, it’s all good, healthy fun and fitness. After class, teach them the basics of nutrition and why it’s important to fill their bodies up with healthy fuel to recover from a productive class. Explain that water should be the drink of choice and is crucial after a workout. With this understanding, they will make healthy choices on their own.

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  1. Family Bonding

Training Jiu Jitsu isn’t just for kids! We welcome kids and big kids of all ages. Whether you’re 5 or 105, Jiu Jitsu is a healthy and safe way to work your body and challenge your mind. Encourage each family member as they work through their training and belt leveling. Try to make it and watch each of your child’s classes and let them know that they have your full support.

Training BJJ is a thrilling, challenging and lifelong practice for your children to enjoy. Starting them young instills confidence, the ability to defend themselves, and sets positive lifelong habits. All of these are the same qualities their favorite superheroes possess. Come on, who doesn’t want to raise Superman? Let’s work together to give them that spark to life and introduce them to the perfect way to express themselves.

If your son or daughter has expressed interest in training in the martial arts, support them and encourage them to come in for a trial class.