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Antonio Carlos Junior Taps Eric Spicely at UFC 212

Antonio Carlos Junior’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills were on full display Saturday night in his fight against a very tough and new BJJ black belt Eric Spicely. The third fight of UFC 212’s Fox Sports 1 prelims had the BJJ Twitter world buzzing.
There were take downs and moments that we all thought it was over. When Spicely was caught in a heel hook, I thought to myself that it was a wrap. However, Spicely showed off his new black belt by defending and countering Antonio’s leg lock attempts.

The rest of the fight was more of the same, but in the end, Spicely was just fighting the inevitable.

Before finishing Spicely off, Antonio again transitioned to his back, locked in a body triangle, slapped on a rear naked choke and forced the tap.