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Aces Jiu Jitsu Club Technique of the Week | The Kimura

Welcome to this week’s Technique of the Week, The Kimura From Guard!

This week’s we’ll cover how to apply a Kimura (Shoulder Lock) submission and how to use the Kimura to get in a position of Dominance!

You’ll learn:

  • Using the “Prayer Hands” technique to make your opponent vulnerable
  • A key detail for submitting flexible opponents (pay close attention for this one)
  • How to bait your opponent with a Kimura attack and get to the Top Position (Sneaky and Effective)

Keep training and keep growing, osss!


On the Kimura BJJ Heroes writes:

The kimura lock, also called double wristlock (catch wrestling), chicken wing or gyaku ude-garami (judo) is a grappling submission hold of uncertain origin, being catch wrestling and judo the likely authors of the position. In Brazilian jiu jitsu the submission bares the name of “Kimura” after the famous Masahiko Kimura who defeated Helio Gracie with this lock on the 23rd of October, 1951. The submission relies on isolating the shoulder and elbow joints with the use of a double wrist grip which allows for the attacker to apply leverage against both of these joints (though mainly the shoulder).