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5 Reasons You Want A Legit BJJ Black Belt!

There have been a lot of stories in circulation about instructors pretending to be a BJJ Black Belt, then getting schooled by a student and exposed as a fraud. But does it really matter? What is the importance of training with a legitimate BJJ Black Belt?


1. You won’t end up injured

The worst part about training with a fake BJJ Black Belt is that you might end up with an injury. A real BJJ Black Belt knows the dangers of knee bars and other submissions. They know how to teach you to get out of tough submissions before any damage is done and they also know to teach you to tap before you end up in the emergency room. The lack of experience from a fake BJJ Black Belt might mean that they don’t tech you when to tap or how to avoid injury from potentially dangerous submissions.

A BJJ instructor with a real black belt also knows how to roll with lower belts. Someone who isn’t as experienced might go in with a white belt and do some serious damage. Even if they don’t intend to hurt the student, they have less control than a real BJJ Black Belt and -rolling or even just drilling can end in injury. With the experience of a Black Belt, you get a much SAFER  training experience.

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2. You won’t miss out on important fundamentals

RealBJJ Black Belt instructors stay up-to-date on all of the techniques. In order to get where they are, they weren’t able to cut any corners; they learned all of the BJJ fundamentals you need to succeed. Their skills are at the highest level, and they are well-equipped to teach you.

On the other hand, someone with a fake Black Belt probably only knows a few limited techniques or won’t be able to help you duplicate their success because they rely on strength and athleticism. Whether the instructor is self-taught in a garage or made it a few belts in a real BJJ gym, he won’t know how to share as many fundamentals and strategies as a real BJJ Black Belt.


If moving up in rank is important DO NOT train with a fake BJJ Black Belt; Even if he promotes you in rank, that rank will mean nothing if you go to another gym. Your technique and lack of training will be exposed! They’ll be throwing submissions at you, but you won’t know how to defend or counter them. Your skills will not be at their level; your belt won’t mean anything outside of your own gym.

3. The instructor can prepare you for competitions

If you’re planning on competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, having a real BJJ Black Belt as your instructor is SUPER important. There are a lot of things you should know about competing, and only someone who has competed themselves can understand how to prepare you. They can also help you prepare by sharing their vast knowledge of BJJ; that’s something that a fake black belt can’t do.

If a coach has a Legit BJJ Black Belt, it’s very likely that they’ve competed. Chances are-in the small community of high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- they would have been exposed as a fraud. So if you want to compete make sure you’re learning from someone who has been there.

4. BJJ is about Honor and Respect


BJJ isn’t only a physical discipline. It’s about values too. Honor and respect are two of the values held by BJJ practitioners, and someone with a legit BJJ Black Belt will most likely promote these values as an important part of the community. You need a real BJJ instructor who has earned his belt through the ranks to be able to inspire the values that come along with being a BJJ student.

5. BJJ Black Belts are prepared to teach

BJJ Black Belt instructors are often better teachers. Having been through the ringer, they have been tried and tested. They have seen and experience many types of coaching. They’ve learned what makes for an effective instructor and how to carry that over to your classes.

Someone who isn’t a legit BJJ Black Belt won’t be as prepared to teach. They haven’t been around long enough to understand the best way to share with beginners or advanced students.

Train With A Legit Black Belt!

Don’t waste of your time! Whatever your goals are with your BJJ training, a BJJ Black Belt instructor will help you CRUSH your goals! Look for a BJJ instructor with a proven track record, and you’ll get the most from you BJJ training!  BJJ has helped lots of people in some awesome ways–from  losing weight to learning self defense to sharing a great hobby with a great community!  

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