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20 Awesome New Year’s Resolution Ideas For BJJ

2015 is almost over and you’re running out of time to come up with your New Year’s Resolution ideas. If you haven’t made some yet – YOU’RE IN LUCK! Check out this list of 20 of the best BJJ Resolution Ideas, and pick a few that apply to you.  Remember, the goals you set are the goals you get!  So, write a few down that inspire you and get going!

1. Get more training time on the BJJ mat

The only way to improve your game is to practice. And the only way to practice is to show up to the gym. In 2016, dedicate more time to training at the BJJ gym.

2. Introduce someone new to BJJ classes

BJJ is like an awesome SECRET club. Let someone else in on the fun! Bring a friend, family member, co-worker, or even a stranger on the street in to try BJJ classes in Austin, TX. The more, the merrier, right?!

3. Help a white belt improve techniques

Teaching others will actually help you improve. Take a white belt under your wing. Help them work on a technique, or spend extra time rolling with him/her. Your help won’t go unappreciated and you’ll intellectualize and understand your own favorite techniques in new ways as you learn better ways to express them.

4. Learn a new, ridiculously hard submission

BJJ Resolutions with Mikal Abdullah

No matter how many submissions you know, there will always be more to learn. Maybe you saw one on Metamoris last year, or you watched your instructor do it in class. Pick a technique and spend the upcoming year mastering it.

5. Enter a competition

Whether you’ve never competed or you’re a seasoned veteran, make a resolution to enter a BJJ competition… AND WIN!!! It will give you something to work towards. And the pressure of competition will tighten your game in ways you may not yet even realize!

6. Win a medal in a competition

 BJJ Champions Abu Dhabi

This is a little more ambitious than the last goal, but not impossible. Pick a competition, and go for the gold.

7. Eat healthier- all the time

Eating healthy makes you better on the mat. It’s sad…but true. Work on being just a little healthier this year, and watch your BJJ improve. Whether you cut down on sugar or start the Gracie Diet, you’ll see a change.

8. Work on your flexibility

Ryan Hall Flexibility Austin, TX

Have you tried submitting super-flexible grapplers? It’s not easy. Spend extra time stretching and improve your flexibility over the year. It can elevate your grappling to a whole new level.

9. Improve your strength

Fitness Resolutions 2016

Strength comes with BJJ training, but there’s always room for improvement. Work on getting stronger by dedicating yourself to building muscle two or three days a week.

10. Last longer on the BJJ mat

Endurance is CRITICAL in BJJ. This year, do some extra cardio so you can handle longer rolling sessions. Run a few miles or swim a few laps during the week and your endurance will improve.

11. Perfect your basics

Even black-belts practice their basics. Work on getting all of your basic techniques down this year. Tired of hip sweeps? Keep practicing. Even after you can arm bar like Ronda Rousey, keep improving.

12. Less negativity on the mat

Training can be frustrating, but being negative only makes things worse. Make it your resolution to stay positive while you train.  It rarely ever helps to “Celebrate Your Disappointments” by investing more energy into them than necessary.

13. Give back to the community

There are plenty of ways you can use BJJ to help your local community. Find out if there are any opportunities to teach kid’s BJJ classes to children in need.  At Aces Jiu Jitsu Club we work with Sweat Angels to give back with every Facebook checkin helping a family in need by promising a portion of our existing dues!

14. Try something new

Try something new to help improve your BJJ. Go to a yoga class, join a swimming club, or even try attending no-gi BJJ classes.

15. Spend some extra time watching BJJ technique videos

You can learn BJJ whenever you want. Dedicate some time to watching videos at home, so you can really master the martial art.  I hear CerebralBJJ is a great find!

16. Work on getting better takedowns

BJJ Throw Austin, TX

You might like pulling guard, but it’s still good to know how to get your opponent to the ground. Focus on takedowns in 2016. Having good takedowns can give you a major advantage in competitions.

17. Drink less alcohol

Drinking hurts you on the mat. Party less (or party without drinking), and you’ll have better training sessions.

18. Lose some weight

Weight loss is a popular resolution even outside of BJJ gyms. Losing weight might help you perform better on the mat, or allow you into a lower weight-class in competition.

19. Push yourself harder

Take your BJJ classes in Austin just a little more seriously this year. Go the extra mile in class.  And heck, even do some extra drilling -not JUST rolling-of your favorite techniques each week.

20. Be happy

Let BJJ be the outlet for all the stress in your life. Be happy on and off the mat.

You can pick one or twenty New Year’s Resolution Ideas. Either way, stick with it. By the end of 2016, you can be proud in knowing that you succeeded!