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100k Jiu Jitsu Match with Bellator’s Dillon Danis and UFC Kevin Lee

UFC lightweight Kevin Lee has been challenged by Bellator welterweight Dillon Danis to a $100,000 Jiu Jitsu match.

“He issued the challenge,” Lee told MMAjunkie Radio. “I’m still waiting to hear back. I know his people reached out to mine. I said I’ll take it.”

With two recognizable names and a hefty prize on the line, many Jiu Jitsu fans have expressed desire to watch this match live, but as of today, the match will not be televised.

“(Danis) said we’ll put it on our Instagram story,” Lee said. “That seems a little too small. That we have to figure out. But it will just be me and him probably in a room. We’ll put it on YouTube or something.”

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