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Story: Jiu-Jitsu Instructor And Father Of Two Passes Away During Training

(Sourced from original Article in Jiu Jitsu Times written by Emil Fischer)

Tragedy struck last night when Precision Jiu-Jitsu instructor Zach Stewart passed away suddenly during training. He leaves behind a wife and two young children, one two years old and one two months old.

Zach’s friend and teammate Pete Shoemaker made the following post regarding Zach’s passing:

“I’m writing this post to let you know that Zach Stewart passed away last night while we were training at the gym

Nothing happened, no injury or trauma that we are aware of, he just passed away. Nothing is 100% conclusive yet, but he may have had an aneurysm or something similar. It makes no sense and I still don’t understand how this could have happened.

Thank you to all of you who helped try to save him. From those of you who were there at the gym to the doctors at the hospital thank you.

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