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9 Reasons To Start Kickboxing During The Summer

Let’s be honest. Anytime is a good time to start kickboxing. But there is something about summer that makes kickboxing classes even more appealing. Here are nine reasons why you should start kickboxing in the summer.

1. You want nice abs for when you go to the beach

Who doesn’t want to look good at the beach? Kickboxing classes are great for toning up your abs. When you start kickboxing in the summer, you can work on your abs in class and show them off when you hit the beach. Otherwise, those sculpted abs hide under layers of clothing.

2. It’s too hot to workout outside


Running in the summer heat is no fun. In fact, doing any type of exercise in the heat is a chore. There’s no better time of the year to take up an indoor activity, like kickboxing. In kickboxing classes, you can enjoy your workout in an air conditioned and comfortable environment. Forget about sweating out all your water while you bake in the sun, and exercise indoors.

3. You might want a break from the kids at home

Sure, you love your kids. But having them home all day long all week long is enough to drive anyone crazy. Give yourself a much needed break and start kickboxing in the summer. Classes won’t only get you in shape, but they’ll help you keep your sanity too.

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4. There aren’t too many holidays to worry about

No matter what holidays you celebrate, the winter is a busy time. There always seems to be a holiday looming around the corner. And with that, comes houseguests, parties, and short vacations. In the winter, it’s almost impossible to get into a steady workout routine.

Fortunately, in the summer, it’s much easier to get into a good workout regime. There are fewer priorities pulling you away from kickboxing classes.

5. You can show off your “guns” in a tank top

In the summer, long sleeves are almost nonexistent. Tank tops are everywhere, leaving arms bare and exposed. This summer, be proud of the guns you earn in kickboxing classes. All of those workouts are bound to leave you with arms that would make anyone envious.

6. There are no excuses not to train


In the winter, there are a million and one excuses to skip the gym. “It’s too cold outside.” “It’s snowing.” “I have to get ready for the holidays.” The list goes on and on. In the summer, weather can’t keep you from getting to the gym, and neither can any other excuse you can think of. It’s the perfect time to start kickboxing classes because you have no reason not to go.

7. You have more daylight

For some reason, days seem longer when you have more daylight. In the summer, it doesn’t start getting dark until late in the day. Even though you don’t actually have more hours in the day, it feels like it. And going to the gym is that much easier when it’s still light outside in the evening.

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8. You can rock those short shorts

Kickboxing is great for your legs. Taking kickboxing classes can tone up your legs quicker than you might imagine. And in the summer, people will notice. So that pair of short shorts you’ve stuffed at the bottom of your drawer? Take them out. Because summer kickboxing classes will get you ready to rock them.

9. It’s easier to eat healthy in the summer


Dieting in the winter is difficult. Fresh fruit is hard to come by and everyone bakes tasty treats that are great diet-killers.

In the summer, it’s much easier to eat healthy. There aren’t any major holidays, and spending more time outdoors means that you’re more active. Maintaining a healthy weight is much easier in the summer, and that makes it the perfect time to start training. While you push yourself in the gym, you’ll be fueling your body with what you need to succeed. You’ll end up looking and feeling the best that you’ve ever felt!

So this summer, you can still sip your drinks on a beach blanket. Just don’t forget to try Muay Thai or Kickboxing classes before or after you head to the beach.