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Rickson Gracie Has Some Tough Words for Sport Jiu Jitsu

Rickson Gracie appeared on Chael Sonnen’s podcast on Thursday. Obviously the topic was Jiu Jitsu and the legend didn’t mince words when he discussed the current state of sport Jiu Jitsu. Using the term “anti-jiu-jitsu,” Gracie complained about what we regularly see at these tournaments … lots of stalling and competitors trying not to lose rather than attacking for […]

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WATCH: Rickson Gracie Promoted to Red Belt

Yesterday, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community was buzzing with news that the legend, Rickson Gracie was promoted to red belt. Rickson was giving a seminar in Las Vegas where the surprise promotion took place. Rickson’s older brother Rorion (who put this all together) and younger brother Royler as well as notable names such as Jean […]

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Tony Pacenski Talks About Rickson Gracie and Jiu Jitsu Basics

“Little” Tony Pacenski sat down with our friends at Jiu Jitsu Times to talk about Rickson Gracie’s teachings, using principles in your jiu-jitsu and the Jiu Jitsu Global Federation. For those that do not know Tony has over 20 years experience in Grappling and BJJ and has been taught by the worlds best, including Grand Master […]