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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Helps Kids Grapple with Insecurity

(Curated article via Washington Times) MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) – On a steamy summer morning in Memphis, students spanning decades in age filed into Stardust Jiu Jitsu, a small gym space that faces Sam Cooper Boulevard in the Binghampton area. On a black mat custom-cut to fit a slim space, clad in ultra-light wrestling shoes, the students […]

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4 Reasons to Cross Train

The jiu-jitsu world is small, so small in fact that we very often see bitter rivals share the mats with each other in order to exchange data and “cross train”.  Some instructors discourage their students from cross training as a result of an antiquated concept of loyalty. Now, of course, if you are happy with […]

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Police Officer Uses Jiu-Jitsu Training On The Job And In Competition

When police officers graduate from the academy it’s not like their training is done. They need to stay strong and healthy to help protect themselves, their coworkers and the community. That has turned some of them into fierce competitors. One of those officers is Teresa Gillian. When most of the world is getting moving, she […]

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Martial Arts Student: “Jiu Jitsu is for everybody”

When Thaddeus McCormick II, 18, started studying Jiu Jitsu about four years ago, he couldn’t stand to be touched and didn’t like germs. But he pursued the sport anyway, starting to train at Port Huron Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy, sometimes twice a day. He plans to test for his purple belt this fall, an intermediate […]

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Joel Kinnaman on His Love of Jiu-Jitsu

Actor Joel Kinnaman knows his way around an action scene. From his work in movies and TV shows like Suicide Squad, RoboCop, the Swedish smash Easy Money, Hanna,and the Netflix series Altered Carbon, Kinnaman. has learned to handle himself in a fight. In fact, it was on the sci-fi Netflix series where Kinnaman discovered his new workout obsession: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Now, it has become a […]

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Joe Rogan on Learning Jiu-Jitsu for Self Defense

Listen to Joe Rogan talk about learning Jiu-Jitsu for Self Defense! Andy GonzalezAndy Gonzalez is a coach at Aces Jiu Jitsu Club. He has earned his purple belt under Professor Mikal Abdullah. Follow Andy on Twitter at @GoGoGonzilla Andy lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Amanda and their 3 beautiful children. Andy is also […]

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Nicolas Cage, Tony Jaa, Frank Grillo to Star in ‘Jiu Jitsu’

Have you been waiting for a feature move highlighting the combat sport we love so much? That Jiu Jitsu feature is here and it is bringing some big names with it! Tony Jaa and Frank Grillo have joined Nicolas Cage and Alain Moussi in the martial-arts action feature Jiu Jitsu. Also added to the cast […]

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Jiu-Jitsu Competition Mindset Part 4: Taking Yourself Out Of The Equation

The first time I ever competed as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu white belt, I didn’t sleep the night before.  I was super nervous going to the event and once I arrived at the event I saw everyone around me as a potential enemy.  My first match I came out and was stiff as a board, by […]

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Jorge Masvidal to face Anthony Pettis in Jiu Jitsu Superfight

With just over a month to go until his highly anticipated bout against Ben Askren, Jorge Masvidal will take on fellow UFC welterweight Anthony Pettis in a jiu jitsu match on June 15. The grappling match will take place at DT Promotions in Pensacola, Florida, and has been hyped as a ‘jiu jitsu superfight’, per […]

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Stipe Miocic Loses Jiu Jitsu Match

Every time Stipe Miocic competes — no matter what it is — he hates to lose. So even though he stepped in against a seasoned jiu jitsu grappler on April 27 at Fight 2 Win 110 at NEO Sports Plant in Euclid — and did it for charity — Miocic wasn’t happy to come out […]