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Bully Nearly Blinds Boy After Smashing His Glasses into His Face

A 15-year-old boy was nearly blinded when a vicious school bully smashed his glasses into his face leaving him with horrific injuries. Nathaniel Dryden, from Shelton Lock, Derbyshire, could be scarred for life after the unprovoked bully attack which left him ‘absolutely covered’ in blood. (Do you live in Austin, Texas? Want to give Brazilian […]

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Mac Lethal Performs a Song Written by a Kid Being Bullied

Being bullied is a very real part of today’s experience for the millions of school aged children all over the world.At Aces Jiu Jitsu Club, so much of what we focus on in our kids classes is empowering our young students with the tools to stand up for themselves and face their problems with confidence […]