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Woman Arrested for Using Jiu Jitsu to Get Cellphone From Son

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — A woman from Boynton Beach is facing a child abuse charge after police say she used a martial arts move to take away her son’s cellphone. Tracy Shelley told police since she and her husband separated, her son has not been following the house rules and has been disrespectful at her […]

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Top 6 [Hidden] Mistakes When Sweeping An Attacker!

In honor of one of my favorite topics, here are the Top 6 Hidden Mistakes people make when sweeping an attacker and what you should do instead-if you want to get on top! Mikal AbdullahProfessor Mikal Abdullah is a 2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt, veteran, father, philanthropist, and founder of Aces Jiu Jitsu Club. You can […]

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Worst Jiu Jitsu Advice We’ve Ever Heard: The Side Mount

Bad training can take many different forms. You can have good techniques that are taught poorly, bad techniques that are taught well, teachers leave things out, or they teach techniques that used to work but fail to keep up with the times. So here we’re starting a series of “Worst Advice” columns to tell you about all the […]